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Aura Energy Stone

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Beneficial Capsules

TIENS Beneficial Capsules is made up of 4 kinds of ingredients, which are Gynostemma, Tea polyphenol, Β-carotene, and VC.
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Children Nutrient High Calcium

Tiens Children Nutrient High Calcium contains Zymolytic bone calcium powder, whole milk powder, egg yolk powder, VA, VD, VC, taurine, zinc, iron etc.
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Chitosan dissolve in acid solution.It’s the only positive ion in the world that has positive electricity. It units the negative ion in the body to balance the electricity of the body, so as to relief some health problems .
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Chong Cao Nutritional Meal

Tiens Chong Cao Nutritional Meal is made from pure phytocereals.
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